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THE TRIUMPH PROCESS  begins with Pre-Acquisition Consulting Services and Research. This vital compenent of our services lets you know the viability of the project from a sales and marketing standpoint. Your numbers may tell one story, but what good is a project if there are no customers to buy it? Our services include a comprehensive risk assessment including cost projections, return on investment goals and absorption rates.


During the pre-development phase, we will provide you with a detailed description of our suggestions for apartment mix, common spaces and amenity packages to maxize revenue while minimizing absorption times. We will give recommendations for pricing all units and present strategies for maximizing profitability through the time-release of available inventory.


Once we know what the development will entail and have identified the target audience, Triumph will assist you with floorplan review. We coordinate with architects, designers and marketing teams to ensure that we have the most marketable product available. Architectural compliance is one thing. However, sometimes items like closet door placement or appliance selection can lead to a disastrous sell out or lease up of your new development. Our experts can provide the necessary research that will help you take your new development to the next level.



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